To Be Brilliant Means

You radiate  joy and peace in all areas of your life.

You live by your own set of unique values and are empowered to live an authentic life.

Your relationships are nurturing and supportive.

Your work is purposeful and meaningful.

The earth glows with each step you take.

When a woman fully acknowledges and embodies her brilliance, she is an authentic and successful contributor to society – no matter where she is and how she chooses to be in the world.

Her inner brilliance shines forth in all she touches.

Join our Community!

Dear Brilliant Beauty,

spiritualconnectionImagine you – fully embodied brilliant being. You are standing strong and empowered at the top of a beautiful green grassy mountain. You look down and see how far you’ve come. You see each arduous step you walked toward the pinnacle of your earthly existence.

You breathe deeply and honor the you who found courage and strength to pick yourself up when you fell down, the you who found persistence to keep walking when you wanted to give up.

You look across the horizon and see your sisters, fellow friends, who have climbed their own mountains, each with her own unique set of challenges and experiences and each at different points in her journey.

You look up and see the glowing sunshine and embrace this brilliance as your own. You take this warmth into your heart with the knowing that whatever challenge life brings your way, you are prepared to meet it. In your pocket you have the tools you need.

You have the courage, strength, persistence, and practice to guide your way. You are an incredible, confident, amazing, courageous, knowing, amazing feminine force in the world. You deeply know, honor, and respect the fabric, layers, and depth of your being.

Brilliant Beauty, the time is now. I welcome and invite you to join our community. Find the love of your life – you.

The Brilliant Feminine dwells within you. Together, step by step, we will let her live, give her space to be, to grow, to evolve into her magnificence.

Join our Women Who Write Rock community. Discover your inner world. Tend to your inner flame. Let us support your authentic emergence on the planet. We need your voice. We need it now.

Passionately Yours,

signature THE ONE

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Our passion is inspiring your radiance!

Our Core Values

  • Authenticity
  • Mindfulness
  • Truth-Telling
  • Vulnerability
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Compassion
  • Connection
  • Empowered living
  • Ecstatic living
  • Exploration
  • Love

What others say about us

Jessica Emich

I received clarity and insight and it helped me expand my perspective and lighten a load I didn’t even realize I was shouldering. It brought more compassion into my current experience. I am so grateful and appreciative and I would love to have another session with you.

Jessica EmichCEO & ChefShine Restaurant
Tina Tongen

Helene is a very nurturing and grounded being who affects me the minute I step into a room with her; I immediately feel her joy for life and open awareness. She has helped me to clarify the priorities in my life.

Tina TongenMassage TherapistSeeds of Transformation
Maggie Evans

I was in an extreme state of worry and panic about money and my business. Helene was freakin’ amazing. She listened closely and then during the session came up with the most amazing visualization ever that I’m still re-calling and using in my meditation. No kidding, since seeing her I have not been worried! This is a gifted woman. Thank you, Helene!

Maggie EvansCEO & Dress DesignerMaggie Evans Designs
Candace Uvalle

My session with Helene helped to connect my daughter and me in a very loving and profound way that transcended words. Although over the phone, Helene was able to facilitate a soulful exchange of love between the higher selves of a mother and daughter otherwise struggling to communicate. Helene’s healing touch always reminds us to meet in the heart.

Candace UvalleSpecial Education Teacher

Receive a free monthly writing prompt complete with an mp3 visualization exercise, inspiration, tools and tips for living your brilliance.
You can unsubscribe at any time.

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